Eye Candy

Various bits & pieces to add some technoglam to the box.

Dimming LEDs

Not as straightforward as with filament bulbs...  [show me more]

Bargraph Display

Our need is to get full power showing all 10 leds lit, with just the bottom led lit when the fan controller is turned right down to around 6v...  [show me more]

Blinking LEDs

OK, you've swapped your case power LED for a blue, but so has everybody else. Add a bit more pizzazz by making it flash on & off. But this is no ordinary on–off–on–off flasher. It gives a "heart-beat" effect, blip-blip, pause, blip-blip, pause... heart-beat  [show me more]

The Penultimate Led Throbber

There are several circuits on the net for fading leds in and out, so why this one? Well, I've seen various comments in forums and newsgroups that a circuit didn't quite do what the builder wanted, so this one has a couple of tweakers that will help...  [show me more]

A Simple 555 Led Throbber

This is a no-frills, minimum-parts, idea that worked for me...  [show me more]

Single push-button fan switch

That expensive stainless steel button won't flop...  [show me more]